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Convention Center LEED Certification Information

Greening your meeting. "Environmentally responsible" is the term used to define a green building. Helping establish that responsibility is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification which considers site sustainability, water efficiency, energy efficiency, content of materials and resources, indoor environmental quality and innovative design.

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The Santa Fe Community Convention Center earned its LEED Gold Certification credits in a number of ways:
  • Eighty-eight percent of the materials were salvaged and recycled from the demolition of the city's old convention center.
  • Seventy-five percent, by weight, of the waste generated on the site during construction of the convention center was recycled.
  • The new building was constructed on the same site as the former convention center.
  • The parking garage is underground at the new building and not developed in a different location.
  • The proximity of the Transit Center to the Civic Center promotes public transportation and bicycle racks were installed on the grounds of the new building to promote alternative methods of transportation.
  • A garden roof eliminates heat collection and provides natural insulation.
  • There are three 15,000 gallon water catchment tanks for landscaping irrigation set in the ground underneath the garage floor.
  • A sophisticated CO2 monitoring system installed in the garage monitors levels of CO2 and activates an exhaust system if safe levels are exceeded.
  • All of the exterior timber was reclaimed from the nearby Sierra Blanca forest fire.
  • All paints used on the project contain the lowest level of Volatile Organic Compounds available.
  • Exterior walkways are made from porous brick pavers to reduce water run-off.
  • There are three recycling areas located throughout the center.
  • There are skylights in the center's public spaces lowering electricity use.
  • Non-volatile carpet is used throughout the building.
  • All cleaning products are green.
It's easy being green. Contact us at about how greening your meeting can make a difference in surprising ways.